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Name: Josh Edwards

Date of Birth: December 28, 2001

Age: 15



Home training site: Proline watersports facility, aka the “Rat-Hole”


Events Planned: This season I plan on attending the Western Canadian Championships, The National Waterski Championships as well as Provincial Waterski Championships.  As well as a possibility of a USA tournament once again this season.


Training Plans: I will be traveling to Florida in April to start my on water training with Ryan and Breanne Dodd.  I plan on attending any training that I am able too. Matt Weinger, Cole Grant, Ryan and Breanne Dodd will be coaching me once again this season as well as any coaches that may further my training. 


Goals for 2016:  My goals for this season are: Jump-40meters, Slalom- I have increased my speed to 36miles and I want to get into 32 off, and I am hoping to get my trick score over 2000 with some hard work and dedication. These goals are based on my accomplishments last season.


Personal Bests (RC Tournaments):  Trick: 1,420 pts, 73 buoys (6 @ 14m – 58kph), 32.9m in jump.



1st place overall at the Western Canadian Championships and medals in all events 

2nd place overall at the National Championships in Sherbrook Quebec with medals in all events and a 1st place in Jump.  

Competed in his first USA sanctioned tournament in September and achieved personal bests in the events, going from 19.9 meters in 2014 to 32.9 meters in 2015.

Currently ranked at 2nd overall in Canada for the 2015 season.


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