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The Saskatoon Water Ski Club is a non-profit organization operated by its members on a volunteer basis. The club has been serving Saskatoon watersports enthusiast since 1972. It is the oldest ski club in Canada.


The SWSC operates on the "Rathole", located in the City of Saskatoon to the southwest of Faithful Avenue and 58th street. Access to the rathole is easiest from 58th street. Take 51st to Faithful Ave, go north on Faithful, and then 1 block west on 58th and look to the south, you can not miss it.


The SWSC operates exclusively at the 'rathole' which is a storm pond created during the construction of the 51st street overpass.


The site has a clay bottom, is approximately 4 meters deep, 825 meters long, 80 meters wide, and has very gentle banks which help eliminate backwash.  The water line steepens gradually to its nominal depth allowing maximum use of its length and width.


The SWSC has a clubhouse, tournament centre and fully accessible toilet (portable) facilities during the regular operating season.

The SWSC has a record capable six ball slalom course and adaptive course, a regulation jump, and a jump that lowers to 3 foot for people with a disability, or beginners.


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