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Name: Brett Michael Walker
Date of Birth: October 22nd, 1993
Age: 23
Division: Open/Elite Men

Home training site: Proline watersports facility, aka the “Rat-Hole”

Events Planned: This season (as with most) will include the Canadian Open, Canadian Nationals, Canadian Westerns, Collegiate Regionals, Collegiate Nationals, many local record tournaments, and Malibu Open if I can get some funding.

Training Plans: At the moment my training plan is to cut back on other hobby’s to put more energy into skiing. That means, significantly less mountain biking, climbing, and surfing. There is still plenty of gas in the tank to keep up with workouts, yoga. I ski three to four days in a row before an active rest day in which I will run or bike. My ski days will be one or two sets depending on how my body is feeling. Slowly I’m learning to listen to my body and let it heal instead of pushing through pain and turning it into an injury. 


Personal Bests (RC Tournaments): Slalom; 1.5 @ 39 (10.75), Jump; 39.9m, Trick; roughly 1800 pts (not entirely sure).

Accomplishments:  Slalom M1 Bronze medal 2015 National Championship. Western Canadian M1 slalom champion 2016, Not last place 2016 Canadian Open, Fourth place Open Men Canadian Nationals 2016, Third place Elite Men Canadian Nationals 2016, Seventh place 2016 Collegiate Nationals, Eleventh place Collegiate Worlds Slalom 2016, Western Canadian M1 slalom champion 2017, Fourth place Elite Men Canadian nationals. Seventh place Open Canadian National 2017, I think there were some jump medals in there somewhere..

Competitions planned for 2017: Western Canadian championship, Canadian Open at Shalom park, and Canadian Nationals. After that the collegiate season will start and carry on through October. I’ll be going to local record tournaments as they present themselves in the fall. Moomba Masters.

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