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Date of Birth: September 30th, 2008

Age: 14

Division: BU17

Instagram: @enzokristianski

Enzo has been around the water since his birth. He fell in love with waterskiing at the age of 4 and has been waterskiing ever since. He is in Grade 8 and schooled both in French and English. Under the coaching of Matt Weninger, Enzo started to jump in 2018. He was excited to become a member of the « Canadian Air Force »! Enzo is a member of the Saskatoon Water Ski Club.


Events for 2022: slalom, trick and jump


Home training site: Saskatoon Water Ski Club, aka the « Rathole »


Coaches: Matt Weninger and Brett Walker



2019 Canadian National Champion in BU12 Slalom

2019 Western Canadian Champion in BU12 Trick, Jump & Overall9 Canadian National Champion in BU12 Slalom

2018 Canadian National Champion in BU10 Slalom

2018 Western Canadian Champion in BU10 Slalom

2018 Provincial Champion in BU10 Slalom and Overall




2021 Nationals 2nd place slalom, 3rd Trick

2021 Westerns 2nd place Slalom & Trick

2018 Westerns 2nd place Trick

2018 Provincials 2nd place Trick

2017 Provincials 2nd place Slalom and Trick

2016 Provincials 3rd place Trick and Overall


Personal Bests: 2.5 buoys@13.00m/55kph (slalom) and 1,160 points (trick), 17m in jump


Upcoming competitions in 2022:

Western Canadian Championships

Canadian National Championships

Saskatchewan Provincials

Training Plans for 2022 - Jack Travers ski school in April and April Coble ski school in May. From June 1 to end of August, skiing at the Rathole.


In the off season, Enzo plays hockey, mountain bikes and does dryland training with Donnie Munro at his gym.

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