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Hometown: Innisfail, Alberta, Canada

Reside: Since 1996 I have lived and trained in West Palm Beach Florida.

Major Sponsors: LlewellynPro by Camaro Wet Suits, LlewellynPro by Goodman

     Skis, Masterline ropes, Wiley’s Bindings, Llewellyn Pro signature serie

Best Performances: Ski Fly Record 299 feet, Jump Record 240 feet, Slalom 3 @ 39 ½ off, Trick: 11,210 points

Wife: Britta

Son: Dorien,

Full time water-skier on professional circuit 10 months a year; travel to trade shows and R&D testing for main sponsors year round; Offer ski clinics, corporate outings, inspirational talks to schools and businesses; Produces instructional, event and extreme water-ski DVDs​

Career Highlights:

Most Decorated Athlete Of All Time!

117 Professional Wins

11 World Records

9 World Individual Titles

22 World Medals

16 World Titles

9 Times US Masters Champion

10 Times US Open Champion

24 Times Moomba Masters Champion

22 Time Pan American Championship

8 Gold, 4 Silvers Pan American Games

Flag bearer at 2003 Pan American Games

7 Time World Team Member, 87, 88, 91, 93, 99, 09, 15

22 Gold Pan Am Championships, 1 Silver & 4 Bronze = 26 metals

2 Time Guinness book world record Holder

Jaret has flown almost an entire football field 299ft Ski Fly World Record



ice hockey –play in West Palm Beach off season -team Budweiser (goalie or out!)

Snow skiing and snow boarding -try to get a few weeks each year. Coached house & travel Ice

hockey. Love teaching my son everything I know about all sports.

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